Private Songs, Public Concerns

Eliana Otta
Rodrigo Andreolli
Gris García

Un texto colectivo en base a la performance “Private song” de Alexandra Bachzetsis en el marco del programa público de Documenta 14.

“An arm and a leg, intertwined.
A wrist pulling an ankle.
A hand pushing a shoulder.
A back hits the floor.
Two bodies immersed in a battle of sport clothes and bare skin. They try to escape but they can’t.
One of the bodies turns around so that who was pushing is now underneath.
Flushed face, sweaty forehead, fast breaths, the poses frozen and the gestures stuck; a scene of need and rejection. Pauses hinting at the exhaustion, the effect of the fight in their bodies, breathing together when there is nothing left to say.
The stillness after the battle.
The battle as an encounter.
The hug as a truce.

To explain a performance is always a challenge. Describing its parts in chronological order seems doomed to fail. Thus, we can only talk about what it made us feel, its effects on our bodies and minds…”

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